Memory Foam Mattresses - 6ft 0"

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The Memory Foam Mattress is made from full foam blocks, without springs. This eight inch thick mattress boasts six deep inches of reflex form topped with two inches of memory foam. In addition, it has a removable cover that is washable, providing a very hygienic, non-allergenic mattress.JJ BEDS gives you a sleek and simplistic style and one of many memory foam mattresses from JJ BEDS for all your bed needs.

Features & Specification


  • Removable & washable cover  
  • Two inch memory & six inch reflex  
  • Non ‘turn’ Mattress  
  • Available in Sprung Edge  






AVAILABLE IN 2ft 6", 3ft 0",4ft 0",4ft 6",5ft 0" & 6ft 0"


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Sprung Edged

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