Airsprung - 5ft 0" Loire Duplex Mattress



The loire duplex is designed for those with a preference for a slightly softer feel. This softer, more flexible sleeping surface offers both comfort and support.Loire duplex mattresses contain resilient spring units and are specially designed to provide a more gentle level of comfort. Each mattress is designed to offer comfort and value using a variety of spring technologies and upholstered layers, this offers a feel that is 'just right' for you.

The loire duplex features the Duplex spring system which incorperates two layers of Bonnell springs, twice the number of a traditional mattress.

 2 layers of Bonnell springs, twice as many as a traditional mattress for extra firmness and support.

One of many branded mattresses from JJ BEDS for all your bed needs.


AVAILABLE IN  3ft 0",4ft 6" 5ft 0"

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